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Question: What type of paper, chemicals and machines are your photographs reproduced on? Answer: We print on archival quality Kodak papers. Kodak EDGE is used for matte and glossy and Kodak Endura is used for Lustre.
Question: Are the photos I will receive the same resolution as the images online? Answer: The resolution of the photos online has been reduced in order to conserve space and memory required to host them online. When we make prints of your photos, we use high-resolution files of the photos. Your prints will be crisper and more vivid than what you see on your computer monitor.
Question: How are the photos processed? Answer: We process using Archive Quality Kodak paper, which is RA 4. We use Kodak chemicals for all our prints. For our small format, which are 10x15 and smaller, we use Fuji Frontiers and Noritsu. For our large format prints, which are 11x14 and larger, we use Durst.
Question: Will the photos I order have a watermark on them? Answer: No. The watermark is an online feature only.
Question: Will the caption be printed on the photo? Answer: No. Captions will not be included on the photo you receive.
Question: What is the difference between glossy, matte and lustre? Answer: Glossy photos are printed on coated paper with a very smooth, shiny reflective surface. Glossy finishes have a high-contrast appearance and look slick to the touch when not under glass.

In contrast, matte finishes have a very smooth, non-glare finish. Matte finishes have a lower-contrast when printed and are often used to enhance the texture of a print and may be best suited for framing.

Lustre paper is the premier paper most preferred by portrait and wedding photographers and is considered more of a professional-grade paper. Lustre is often considered the finish "between" matte and glossy, and has a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like texture. Lustre paper has a deeper color-saturization than matte as well as a higher contrast.
Question: What type of framing and matting material do you use? Answer: To be sure to complement and accentuate the quality of the photos we use high quality black vinyl veneered wooden frames with acrylic plexiglass and paper backing. If ordering a matted print, an evenly spaced white mat surrounds the photos with a beveled edge.
Question: How are images cropped? Answer: There are several options for image cropping. After you have selected the "Order Print" option, the cropping options will be displayed and explained.
Question: Do you hold the copyrights to your images? Answer: All copyrights are owned and controlled by myCapture's partners.
Question: Can I download the images? Answer: If a digital download is offered on the pricing sheet then it is available for purchase. If it is not listed then this affiliate does not sell digital copies of their photos.
Question: Can the photos be used commercially? (advertising, promotional materials, etc.) Answer: Any commercial usage must be approved by the individual publications first. For information on obtaining commercial/publication permission of a photograph please contact the publication.


Question: Why can't I add items to my shopping cart? Answer: This issue can sometimes occur when a computer either actively blocks cookies from the domain or passively blocks all cookies. The following steps can often times correct this issue in Internet Explorer:
  1. Click the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options..."
  2. Click the "Privacy" tab
  3. Click the "Sites..." button
  4. See if "" is listed in the window at the bottom under the "Domain" category. If it is there and the setting says "Always Block", you want to highlight that and click remove. If it isn't there, I would type "" into the "Address of Web site" field and click the "Allow" button.
  5. 5) Click the "Ok" button to save the settings.
Question: How do I order? Answer: Once you find your photo, you will see a "Buy This Photo" link or a small shopping cart icon. If you select this link you will be routed to the order page and you can fill out print size and quantity.
Question: Can I phone in an order? Answer: All orders must be placed online. This is to ensure the most accurate fulfillment of your order. Please contact the myCapture partner responsible for the photos you are ordering to see if they provide an alternative form of ordering.
Question: Are your online credit card transactions safe and secure? Answer: When our registration/order form asks users to enter sensitive information (such as a credit card number), that information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL. While on a secure page, such as our order form, the lock icon on the bottom of Web browsers such as Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes locked, as opposed to un-locked, or open, when you are just 'surfing'.
Question: Can I cancel or change an order once I place it? Answer: Under normal circumstances you cannot cancel once the order is placed. We begin to process your custom order as soon as we receive it in order to enable the quickest possible delivery to you.
Question: If I start an order and leave the site, how long do items stay in my shopping cart? Answer: Items will stay in your cart for approximately 3 months.
Question: I can't find my photo on the site. Where can I locate it? Answer: If you cannot immediately locate the photo you appear in, try locating it through different categories within the photo galleries. If it is not found, the photo may not have been selected for posting. The individual publications choose which photos from each event will be posted online. There may be several reasons that photos do not make it to the website. (technical difficulties, poor image quality, etc.)
Question: Can I have my photos shipped to another location other than my billing address? Answer: Yes. When asked to confirm your billing and shipping address you may click edit next to the shipping. You may enter a different address for shipping on that page.


Question: Can I return my order if I am unhappy with the finished product? Answer: Yes. Please contact us within 30 days to process a return.
Question: How long will it take to receive my photos? How are photos shipped? Answer: Orders typically ship within 24-48 business hours and you can select from the following mailing options:
Shipments within the United States:
  • 1st Class (USPS) Mail - up to 10 business days
  • Priority (USPS) Mail - up to 5 business days
  • Second Business Day - excluding weekends and holidays
  • Next Business Day - excluding weekends and holidays
Shipping options for deliveries outside of the United States vary depending on the country and items purchased. You will be able to view your shipping options during the checkout process.
Question: Am I able to track my shipment? Answer: Yes. If you select the "Order Status" link in the navigation bar you can track your shipment. You will need to enter you order ID and your shipping zip code.
Question: What should I do if I received the wrong items or I am missing items from my order? Answer: We always want you to receive the complete, accurate order. If you are missing items or received the wrong items, please send us an email containing the following information:
  • Your Name and mailing address
  • The Order Number
  • The items you were supposed to receive
  • The items you received in error, or the items you are missing
To return your order, please mail it to:
  • Returns/MyCapture
    1890 Beaver Ridge Circle
    Norcross, GA 30071
Also, be sure to include a note with the following information:
  • Your order number
  • The reason for the return
  • Your request for a reprint or refund
Please be sure to send your return merchandise back soon, as we are only able to process reprints or refunds within 30 days of the date the order was placed.
Question: What are the shipping costs? Answer: Shipping rates are dependent upon the total price of your order along with shipping location.
Question: Am I responsible for paying the shipping costs? Answer: Yes, the person paying for the items is responsible for payment of shipping and handling.
Question: How are the photos and items packaged? Answer: All items are securely packaged to ensure that they arrive at their destination in a safe and secure fashion.
Question: What should I do if the artwork has been damaged during shipment? Answer: We always want our customers to be as happy with their items as possible. If any of your items have become damaged during shipment please contact us via e-mail.


Question: What are my payment options? Answer: All orders are paid for by credit card. We accept all major credit cards including Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Privacy Policy

Question: What is your privacy policy? Answer: myCapture abides by a very strict privacy policy (View Privacy Policy).


Question: Why can't I find any photos from a Bills/Sabres game or a concert?

Photographs taken at most professional sporting events are not available for purchase per league rules. Photos depicting game action events are intended for editorial use only, and not for personal sales.

Similarly, most major touring acts do not permit sales of photos taken during live performances at concert venues.

These rules, generally, do not apply to full page reproductions, which can be requested.

Question: I know that the photographer took more photos than appeared in the paper. Can I get those?

Photos that are not published either in print or in an online web gallery are not available for purchase.

The News occasionally uses online galleries to provide greater coverage to news stories, and frequently those online galleries consist of photos that were not published in the newspaper. We consider an online gallery as published, and allow sales of photos that only appear in online galleries.

Question: Can I put your photo on my website?

No, photos are protected under copyright law and The Buffalo News does not permit web use, licensed or otherwise.

Question: We would like to license a photo for a book, magazine or other media. Who do we contact?

Licensing requests can be made through the photo request page. Please provide your contact information and a description of the photo you would like to license and how it will be used.

Question: Why are Historic Pages so much more expensive than regular pages?

The Buffalo News began saving pages in PDF format in mid-2002, and creating page reproductions from those PDFs is an easy request. Pages that pre-date the PDF archive must be pulled from microfilm, and, as a result, increases the cost of production.

Question: How far back can I request photos?

The News has an electronic archive that dates back to 1999 and photos from that period are easily added for purchase. Negatives from The News' archives only go back as far as 1988 and may be in color or black & white. Hard copy prints, if they exist, may go back to the 1940s.

Negatives from about approximately 1960-1987 were donated to The Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society. They may be able to help you find older photos if you provide enough information.

Negatives prior to 1960 do not exist, and the only option may be to purchase a Historic Page. The request, however, would require an exact date.

Question: What are those boxes and codes at the top of the page reproductions? Will mine have that on it?

Those codes and calibration boxes are created by The News' pagination system, however, they will be cropped out of any page reproduction that you purchase.

Question: I can't find something. How long before an image is available for purchase?

Images are uploaded daily by The News' library staff . If you do not find an image 48 hours after publication, please use the Request Form to have the image added.